Bogotá 2014

Aiming a steerable antenna toward a distant small object, and therefore not visible to the naked eye and, moreover, is constantly reformulation is no easy task. Imagine a wheel in which the axis represents you, and the rim, the orbit of the concept. Any point on the axis always remains at the same distance from any other point on the wheel, including the rim, while the wheel turns. And if two objects always remain at the same distance there is no movement relative to each other, even though both displace themselves with respect to a third object. Now imagine a technology based on emotions where materials, techniques and tools are provided with a symbolic meaning and special powers, a technology that works beyond a functional dimension, affecting social relations, categories, objects, weaving reality it self.

One such technology would have a fantastic, supernatural applications that would radically affect our material culture reconciling the flow between the visible and the invisible, where both what we see as what we do not see is just as important, striking a balance between these two concepts . Perhaps we only recognize, or let it operate, this kind of symbolic thinking within the context of art through its objects, spaces, validating on the one hand the mystical heritage of art and on the other our distance from this heritage.