MIAMI Contemporary Practices 
 Bogota 2015 

Art is a knowledge concerned industry. This concern is supposed to result in products that respond to processes of experimentation, research and materialization in order to build meaning or give value. There seems to be a latent need to talk about something, to rescue, to relocate content. In this exhibition, or in all of Pinyol, we see finished products, symptoms of art, striking, turning, crucified, glued, framed and serialized. Objects that also reveal a recognizable, current, fresh and accessible origin, we see monochromes, new creatures, many options, but we miss the motive, the engine or initial impulse of its author. There is a noisy silence, an effective trick, a macabre mosaic; perhaps an excuse to commune, to produce, to make an exhibition, to continue in the game, to enter the arena, to greet the friend.

Adriana Martínez, MIAMI